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Orthomolecular Medicine

The orthomolecular medicine through food will help to keep your body healthy, preventing diseases, and increasing you immunologic system.

Dr. Mühlberger crated this place –and also manages it- so everyone could find food free of gluten, of lactose and caffeine, among others toxics components that industrial food may have.

Thinking about his teacher, his grandmother Emilia, helped Dr. Mühlberger remembered her natural cuisine. Many of the dishes that she used to make were with raw food.

She was a source of inspiration for him.

" The past and the present of the tomorrow’s nourishment. "

Dr. Rubén Mühlberger

House specialties

We have a mix of Living cuisine and orthomolecular knowledge. These are Dr. Mühlberger formulas, from his books, to be always healthy.

Enjoy Emibio

We have an exclusive variety of food that you can enjoy in our shop while drinking a natural tisane. Or you can also ask to take it away with you. All our food is low in calories, helps you revitalize your body and reduce some of those pesky centimeters.

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